In my opinion, its stupid that you can only access or from the US (Just as stupid as the fact that some music companies block videos containing "their" songs in Germany).

Luckily, there is a way to solve that problem (at least most of it).

You need two programs:

Hotspot Shield


Ccleaner (not sure if you REALLY need this one, but I just give you the link anyway).

Hotspot shield is a proxy program that gives you an US IP adress, Ccleaner clears your wastebin, browser cache, browser history and all kind of temporary files.

Download them, install them, close your internet, start Ccleaner, restart your computer, start Hotspot Shield. Now, you should be able to access and and watch EVERYTHING on youtube.

Of course, it has its downsides, too: You always have ads on top pf the pages, it opens an extra page that advertises the provider of Hotspot shield every now and then and your connections slows down; videos take some time to load (but hey, better than not watching them at all, right?). Videos on still don´t work, but at least you can read the blogs, look at the photo galleries and play the games (again, better than nothing).

This little thingy gets rid of the ads. Download it, unzip it and open the unzipped file using firefox to install it.

Mak23686 08:51, March 5, 2011 (UTC)

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