As promised, I styled the Seddie and Creddie pages similar to the Cam page. I also deleted things that were mentioned multiple times and changed the phrasing to a factual style. I held back on deleting stuff and tried to sort the facts listed on the pages by Friendship, Hints of attraction and Nitpick (little, interesting moments; smiling, standing close to each other, purple and so on) the same way I would think of them if they were Cam.

Just so you know what rules I followed, here is a short list:

  1. No things like "Jealousy much? Hmmm..." in the main part. The main part (Creddie/Seddie moments) is a list of facts, phrases like this don´t belong into an article like that.
  2. No exclamation or question marks (except for in quotes).
  3. No unfinished thoughts, meaning no sentences that end with ".....". A line of thought should be followed to its end.
  4. No direct adressing of or questions to the reader.
  5. Fact listings are to be written in present tense.
  6. No highlighting things by bold text. (That´s more a personal thing. In my opinion, if an argument is important enough, it doesn´t need extra highlighting, and if it isn´t important enough, it shouldn´t be on the page at all)
  7. I also deleted all the rumors, meaning everything about episodes that haven´t aired yet; I still have the original pages saved on my computer, so if you insist on having the rumors, I will give them back to you.

The first five things are basically things I learned in school about writing a clean list of something (for reports and stuff like that).

I will lock the pages for 24 hours so everyone can take a good look at them without anyone messing with it.

If you like it, you should maybe get someone who takes the pages a bit personal and makes sure that everything stays in order.

If you want to split them or write detailed episode dissections for the major ones like we did on Cam, that´s completely up to you. I gave you the basic stuff to work with, you make the best of it.

I also want to say that this cleanup was a one time deal, so if you like it but let the pages go to waste again, you simply aren´t worth the effort (I spent my entire day with this!).

If you don´t like it, you can undo it with a single click on "undo" in the "history" list (as soon as the 24 hour blog expires).

And just to make sure I don´t take credit I don´t deserve: the "Friendship - Attraction - Nitpick" structure was introduced on the Cam page by FearlessStatic.

Leave some comments what you think about it ... or don´t, that´s up to you.

Mak23686 22:11, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

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