Got mail back:

Hi Mak,

The replies to the blog post are a really good example of what is meant by "Don't Feed the Trolls". By replying to the problem user, and giving him attention, the community did a lot to encourage him to persist in bothering the wiki. Even negative comments are going to increase the chances of him coming back - attention is attention, and you gave him 142 comments worth!

As I explained in my last mail, we can't block all proxies. Most proxies are simply your ISP changing IP. For example, you have used 33 different IP addresses (proxies) in the last month. And there will be other users who use the same ISP as you and so the proxies in the same area, blocking the whole range would be that you /and/ they can't edit.

We do look at other ways to improve security, including some blocks on open proxies (that is, spoofed changes of IP). We also regularly review other areas of the site, including looking at whether we should require verified email addresses). We have to get the balance right - there's no point having a secure site if it's so secure that no one will or can join!

But the main way to deal with this sort of behaviour is for you and the community to ignore *all* messages from this guy. Just block, revert, and go back to what you were doing - it really does work!

I have deleted the thread you linked, and disabled the account.

I also checked the IPs of the new accounts you linked. It looks likely that this is the same person as and . I would recommend blocking


-- sannse

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