As we all know (thanks to Slappy and Alica's hater), we got some serious security issues here. At first, I wanted to keep taking care of that between the admins and a few helpers, but since we don't have enough ideas (or contacts to people who know about that stuff) and this stuff affects everyone, I guess its best to make it a public issue.

So, if you know ANYTHING about internet security that could possibly help us, post it here; next weekend, I'm gonna write an email to the wikia staff explaining the security issue and asking them to focus as much energy as they can on it. (There is no disrespect in trying to urge those suffering from sloth to fulfil their duties. Virtual cookie if you know where that line is from^^)

Suggestions fo higher security we have up to now:

  • Block proxies (if possible)
  • email-activation for new accounts
  • limit of accounts per email adress
  • Block email adresses when people are blocked from wiki

ANY suggestions are welcome so we can make not only this wiki, but the entire wikia network a safer place.

Feel free to get other wikis on board as well as this issue could affect the entire network the same way it affects us, so any help is welcome.

I don't know if you should send emails warning about the issue to the staff yourself; it WOULD show them how worried people are about it, but I don't know if they would consider it spam if too many people write about it.

So, comment and help us in the best interest of ANY responsible person on a wiki.

Mak23686 18:30, August 16, 2011 (UTC)

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