I got a complaint about some Seddie shippers putting down people who say there MIGHT be a Creddie moment in iOMG.

I just want to say, people, CALM DOWN!!! This episode will probably have major Seddie development, I agree. But even though this seems to be certain, noone should say there can't be a nice, sweet Creddie moment along with it. We don't know much about this episode, so we can't say for sure if there will be Creddie, Cam or Spam moments.

The same goes for the theory that Sam and Freddie might break up in season 5. We don't know what will happen, noone should be put down for making theories about what could happen in the future. Don't feel personally offended by what people think might happen in the future, since we don't know anything, all kinds of theories are allowed.

And if anyone attacks you, feel free to report them to the admins.

I hope we can be friendly here like we were before the iOMG craziness; be respectful towards the other ship, accept that they have wishes for this or future episodes, too, and allow them to say them.


Mak23686 16:35, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

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