Guys, why do you add insane amounts of categories to the pages?

If a page is in EVERY category, it doesn't make sense to have categories at all. The categories are supposed to make the wiki structured so people can use them to search for stuff here.

We have a limit of seven categories per page (I originally made it 10, but it was lowered to seven later), and we even created combined categories to make it easier to stay within that limit.

Minor males = Minor characters + Males

Minor females = Minor characters + Females

Minor antagonists = Minor characters + Villains

Movie villains = subcategory of Villains.

It isn't necessary to have a combined category AND the categories they combine on a page.

It also isn't necessary to add a category for everything that is on a page (for example adding "images" to the shipping pages just because there are pictures on it).

If you add categories, please think twice if the category you want to add is really necessary to DEFINE the article.


Mak23686 19:10, May 7, 2011 (UTC)

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