Hopefully, you found this blog by clicking on the link in the comments here so you are in a bit of a positive mood.

'Cause NOW, we wanna know what you DON'T like here.

Write long comments, write blogs, write whatever you want, as long as it contains no hate and explains your problems as detailed as possible. If we know EXACTLY what's wrong, we can hopefully start to work on fixing the problems we have here.

And because I've heard some people don't want to comment here because they fear to be blocked: NOONE will be blocked for constructive criticism, even if it involves some of the admins. As long as you don't curse, you can talk about ANYTHING you think that needs to be improved.

Just as I said, please explain it as detailed as possible.

Thanks for your time,

Mak23686 15:58, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

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