So, iCarly is ending tonight ... and given that fact, this wiki will get quiet over time, too.

I've tried to take care of this place for over two years now (actually, it has been exactly 1 year and 11 months since I got promoted to bureaucrat today), and looking back on that, what do I have to say?

Did I do a perfect job?

Not by a long shot! I made several mistakes in that time, Katy being the biggest by far. Handling the drama especially with Seddie / Creddie wasn't really easy either, and actually, because of the arc (and Dan's pretty Seddie-loaded blogs during that time), I kinda stopped caring a little. If the creator of iCarly himself supports one side that much and completely ignores the other, who am I to try and keep things quiet?

I'd give myself a "You Tried" award. It has been my first time taking care of a fandom site, I can barely get anything more.

Would I take on an admin job again?

Definitely, because it WAS a lot of fun. Bureaucrat would be questionable, because I don't have the time necessary to take a VERY high position any more. Maybe if I got a laptop and there would be one or two other active ones, then I'd think about it. A semi-active assistant admin job I would definitely take.

And especially, I want to thank you. It was a cool experience here, and I hope I learned some things that can be useful to me later.

Thank you to everyone who was active here and made this place enjoyable, thank you to those who helped with all the editing (help in fine-tuning after iCarly ends is always appreciated, too BTW), and thank you to all my co-admins (Alica, Devon, Lotstar, CreddieCupcake, TenCents and most of the previous ones, too).

Special mentions:

The Sam Puckett My first contact on the wiki, a person I can always fangirl over Cam with and still one of my favorite people here. Cam. Role Play. Cam Role Play. Fun times.

Alica123 My book, cat and Evanescence - loving Dragon Age buddy. It was great to read MIWH, you should think about becoming a writer.

CartoonPrincess Mistress of bold and italics ^^ You made this place a lot more fun.

Samlovesham Hi. You were a nice fun factor here, too.

SCherry Same as the previous two.

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