• I live in The good old USA!
  • My occupation is Seddier! And Writer! And I want to be a singer/actress!
  • I am Seddie lovin' Girl!
  • Makeitshine

    This is a fun games blog! Simple, just give a fun and creative nickname to the person that commented below you. It could be related to iCarly (doesn't necessarily have to be), or their display picture, or a spinoff of their username! You can make it witty, funny RANDOM, just about anything! And you can comment numerous times to see all the wacky nicknames you get! Don't reply to the post, just post a new nickname above. GO!

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  • Makeitshine

    Would You Rather! A fun game where you say which one you would rather choose and why you would too. And it’s iCarly version!

    Have fun answering the questions!

    1) If your best friend was in love with you would you rather hit them with a butter sock or would you laugh it off?

    2) Would you rather have a pet ostrich named Marvin or a chicken named Maurice?

    3) Would you rather have a twin who you HATE, or no siblings at all resulting in extreme bored-ness

    4) Would you rather have a boyfriend who was cheating on you behind your back and you never find out, or have to face your crush every single day but he’s in love with your best friend

    5) Would you rather go on a root and berry retreat, or spend the day at the Benson’s house (with Mrs. Benson too)


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  • Makeitshine

    Hi everyone! I'm new to making blogs, but i just have a question:

    If You Ran The Penny-Tee Company, What Would Your Penny-Tees Say?

    And of course, Penny Tees are funny, creative, and of course, RANDOM!

    I'm thinking about having an iCarly themed party for my birthday, and I was wondering if anyone had creative

    things to put on Penny-Tees. Plus it's a lot of fun to come up with ideas!

    Here's some of my ideas:

    • Unicorn Cupcakes
    • Underwater Suitcase
    • Purple Love (SEDDIE)
    • Random Swimming (Random dancing, but skipping!)
    • Singing Toilet
    • Chocolatey Slime
    • Doorman Warts


    Go iCarly,

    MakeItShine :)

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  • Makeitshine

    This is my first time making a blog and i'm very new to this, but just a random question:

    If you were a penny tee designer, what would you make your tee say?

    Think of something creative, funny, and of course RANDOM :)

    I'm thinking of having an iCarly party for my birthday and celebrating by making our own version of penny tees!

    GO iCARLY :)

    Here's a picture of

    a girl who helped make

    Penny tees on

    iSell Penny-Tees!

    This picture is from


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