Hi everyone! I'm new to making blogs, but i just have a question:

If You Ran The Penny-Tee Company, What Would Your Penny-Tees Say?

And of course, Penny Tees are funny, creative, and of course, RANDOM!

I'm thinking about having an iCarly themed party for my birthday, and I was wondering if anyone had creative

things to put on Penny-Tees. Plus it's a lot of fun to come up with ideas!

Penny Tees are awesome!

Example of Penny TeesFrom

Here's some of my ideas:

  • Unicorn Cupcakes
  • Underwater Suitcase
  • Purple Love (SEDDIE)
  • Random Swimming (Random dancing, but skipping!)
  • Singing Toilet
  • Chocolatey Slime
  • Doorman Warts


Go iCarly,

MakeItShine :)

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