Would You Rather! A fun game where you say which one you would rather choose and why you would too. And it’s iCarly version!

Have fun answering the questions!

1) If your best friend was in love with you would you rather hit them with a butter sock or would you laugh it off?

2) Would you rather have a pet ostrich named Marvin or a chicken named Maurice?

3) Would you rather have a twin who you HATE, or no siblings at all resulting in extreme bored-ness

4) Would you rather have a boyfriend who was cheating on you behind your back and you never find out, or have to face your crush every single day but he’s in love with your best friend

5) Would you rather go on a root and berry retreat, or spend the day at the Benson’s house (with Mrs. Benson too)

6) Would you rather drink sour milk or kiss a Gibby?

7) Would you rather eat a fatcake or drink a fatshake?

8) Would you rather sell girl sprout cookies and be tormented by teenage girls who also want to win a bike as much as you do, or would you rather be trapped in psychotic Nora’s basement?

9) Choose one: Cotton shrubs and wet glue OR Liquid Soap

10) Would you rather attend a Karma Party with all your friends or attend Gordon and Jodi’s wedding?

11) Would you rather get punched by Shelby Marx, or get thrown off by Spencer’s mechanical bull?

12) Would you rather be a pro at fencing or the undefeated champion of Food Fight?

13) Which member of iCarly would you like to be with you on a deserted island?

14) Would you rather have a wart like Lewbert's or be hated by everyone like Nevel in that viral video

15) FINAL QUESTION: Would you rather run a popular online webshow or be a part of a special Performing arts Highschool in LA?

Oh and please make up some funny questions of your own while you are at it too!! :)


Baby Spencer says thanks for taking this quiz!

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