Hey guys, this is my first blog.. And everybody can express you opinion here.

Well, some people are wondering if that script, which Freddie tells Carly that he isn't in love with her, will be used in iOMG - Part 2. Guys, for me.. That script just could be used in one situation: if Carly wants to put Sam and Freddie together. There isn't another way. Cause if Carly is jealous about Sam and Freddie.. The script would be like this:

Carly: Are you really in love?

Freddie: (beaten) Yes.

Carly: YAY! *grabbes Freddie and kiss him*

But it's not like that. In the real script, Carly is worried about if Freddie is still 'in love' with her. Maybe cause she wants Sam happy, so she doesn't want Freddie in love with her, cause this would break Sam's heart. However, Freddie tells Carly that he is NOT in love with her, but someone else.. (hopefully Sam) So, I think this script would be used JUST in that occasion.

Why Carly asked Freddie if he's in love? I really don't know.. Maybe Carly used the Mood Face on him.. We have to wait. We don't even know if that script will be in iOMG - Part 2. But I have a prediction ;) *SEDDIE FTW*

What do you guys think?? Tell me your toughts. And I'm sorry if this blog was confusing.. My english sucks xD

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