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    soo i wanna know what your favourite ICarly quote is.i reaaaly want to know. and i know that this is a difficult question so if you want to please write just one quote down,because i guess you have (like me) not just one fav.

    One of my favourite Quote is from IOMG:

    Freddie: But if sam won't even admit that she likes him how are we get'em to..

    Carly: You've seen the animal channel? the... the horses when they want two horses to.. you know they put them in the same barn together,and then they,like .... turn the barnlights down

    ohh you know what iam talking about why are you making me say it?!

    Freddie: so we get sam and brad and take them to a barn...

    Carly: stop it! this is important!

    yeah it would be great if you join in...

    love ma…

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  • Mandy Seddie


    How you all know yesterday aired IBALLS.

    It was a very good episode.It still worked out without Carly.Especially the B part with Spencer and Marty was hilarious.The whole storyline was quite good

    Okay... now the Seddie part:

    Sam is back to the game,but now it's a better game.She tries not to play too hard (you know not to tease freddie and so on).You could see that when she tried to comfort freddie or when she asked him if he really wanted to go on with the robot sketch.She tries not to hurt him but she still wants to be the "original Sam".And now she's a bit more normal than she was before Seddie dated.

    This episode showed us,that Seddie is going to happen again infact very soon (i guess not in the next epi i mean at the beginning of se…

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  • Mandy Seddie

    Hey guys,

    somepeople heard that i ship Creddie now,but THATS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!

    i would rather die than ship creddie or any other ship!!!!

    iam/will be shipping SEDDIE FOREVER!!!

    i will just repead it: IAM NOT SHIPPING CREDDIE!!!

    and i just want to know where you have that from..

    okay...the forevershipping Seddie Mandy :)

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  • Mandy Seddie

    IMight love freddie?

    January 1, 2012 by Mandy Seddie

    Hey guys,

    many people are talking about an upcoming episode called "Imight love freddie". is this an confirmed epi?

    and where do you have that from?

    i just want toknow that. can someone tell me ?

    love you guys

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  • Mandy Seddie

    Hey guys

    i think you have heard that someone posted: Istill Psycho was actually called " Ikissed him first" ( some episodes have two titles: the first title is just a editing thing and the second one is the " real title". the first one has often sth. to do with the plot of the story...)

    Anyway... some people say the airdate (31st of dec.) has something to do with the midnight kiss and break up from Iomg and ILove You.i don't know anything for sure but lets do a little speculation: i kinda doubt that airdate one,because i don't know an airdate of Icarly that had sth. to do with the plot of the episode

    but i can imagine that nora saw the Ilost my mind kiss and gets jealous... so she tells sam that SHE KISSED HIM FIRST (remember in ipsycho this …

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