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ILove you, seddie broke up,is seddie over?

Hey Guys,

Ilove you was a shock for me.i never tought they will break up like this.okay everything is confusing,so let's do some brainstorming: - they both LOVE each other

                           - they kissed after they broke up and they both feel like it's reasonable to break up
                           - they wanted to break up at midnight.remember sam kissed freddie in school at midnight...
                           - at the end they both were in the elevator and they kissed
                           - freddie said the iomg kiss was intense and fun

this are the important things.......

i cried when i saw the ending and i am really disappointed with it....

they wanted to wait till midnight.... i think both don't want to break up

it feels like the end of ISYL but somehow it's ILY i felt love between these two,what i didn't it ISYL.

but i guess in IQ they will act like"seddie never happened"... that's sad.. like many of you said: love don't get away so fast......

i expected more real circumstances from dan and the other writers..... they wanted to do a seddie arc and now they bluff?! that's not cool..... suddenly they think of the real determination of icarly ( the comedy thing). i think now it's too late guys.they did make a seddie arc so they have to continue the seddie things.....if they don't it would be ruthless......

and your opinion?

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