How you all know yesterday aired IBALLS.

It was a very good episode.It still worked out without Carly.Especially the B part with Spencer and Marty was hilarious.The whole storyline was quite good

Okay... now the Seddie part:

Sam is back to the game,but now it's a better game.She tries not to play too hard (you know not to tease freddie and so on).You could see that when she tried to comfort freddie or when she asked him if he really wanted to go on with the robot sketch.She tries not to hurt him but she still wants to be the "original Sam".And now she's a bit more normal than she was before Seddie dated.

Seddie IBalls

They are getting closer again :)

This episode showed us,that Seddie is going to happen again infact very soon (i guess not in the next epi i mean at the beginning of season 6). Sam cares about freddie.This reminds us Freddie's accusation in IStill Psycho.

Another point is that Sam acts different when Carly is away.And that in turn shows us that sam still wants to be thestrong one who doesn't want to be seen as dependent of somebody.

Sam wants Freddie back you can see it in her eyes and also Freddie wants Sam back.

sooo yeah my final words: Don't stop believing!!! Seddie is going to happen again and this time they won't break up.

thanks for reading :D :))

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