Hey guys

i think you have heard that someone posted: Istill Psycho was actually called " Ikissed him first" ( some episodes have two titles: the first title is just a editing thing and the second one is the " real title". the first one has often sth. to do with the plot of the story...)

Anyway... some people say the airdate (31st of dec.) has something to do with the midnight kiss and break up from Iomg and ILove You.i don't know anything for sure but lets do a little speculation: i kinda doubt that airdate one,because i don't know an airdate of Icarly that had sth. to do with the plot of the episode

but i can imagine that nora saw the Ilost my mind kiss and gets jealous... so she tells sam that SHE KISSED HIM FIRST (remember in ipsycho this pane scene..)

or she don't know about the kiss and she is still in love with freddie or sth.....

this sounds a little pessimisticly but it don't want to get in my head that there will be no or just a bit seddie in this epi.

but heyyyy seddiers don't give our hopes up!!!! one thing is for sure: SEDDIE IS ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!

bye for now and thanks for reading :)


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