soo i wanna know what your favourite ICarly quote is.i reaaaly want to know. and i know that this is a difficult question so if you want to please write just one quote down,because i guess you have (like me) not just one fav.

One of my favourite Quote is from IOMG:

Freddie: But if sam won't even admit that she likes him how are we get'em to..

Carly: You've seen the animal channel? the... the horses when they want two horses to.. you know they put them in the same barn together,and then they,like .... turn the barnlights down

ohh you know what iam talking about why are you making me say it?!

Freddie: so we get sam and brad and take them to a barn...

Carly: stop it! this is important!

yeah it would be great if you join in...

love mandy

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