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    I think if Freddie ends up with no one it would make everyone even more upset the Creddiers and the Seddiers will be pissed that he ended up with no one. I honestly don’t think Dan would leave the Seddiers hanging after Sam and Freddie saying "I Love You" to each other and not let them end up with each other.

    He has spent so many years showing us their character development and the Seddie hints i.e. Sam’s face at the end of iSpeed Date, iKiss, the Seddie Arc, etc. he wouldn’t have put so much effort into these episodes if he didn't want Seddie to end up together. I mean for iKiss he could have easily made Freddie kiss Carly in the studio when they were alone talking about their first kiss instead of having him kiss Sam but he didn’t, he also…

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  • Marr1114

    I know a bunch of you are upset because it didn't appear in the promo that Sam was jealous of Nora kissing Freddie. But we all saw the sneak peek remember Nora telling them that if Sam or any of them try to hurt her or her family she would hurt Spencer. That's probably why Carly & Sam didn't do anything. Also, if you look closely Nick edited the part where Sam says "this is really good cake" because you can see Nora and her mom in the background actually eating the cake. And when Nora kisses Freddie you can see Nora's mom bringing in the cake and it doesn't look like Sam & Carly are in the room.

    So there is a definitely a scene in between the Nora/Freddie kiss and Sam's cake comment that Nick purposefully didn't show us. Who knows what happen…

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  • Marr1114

    I’m not all that bothered that they didn’t directly mention the Seddie break - up in iQ because it was indirectly implied that they had a relationship before because they weren’t acting like they used to they weren’t fighting AT ALL in the entire episode and sam actually helped freddie with T- BO. So, if you think back to the episodes before the seddie arc and their relationship before their relationship dynamic has definitely changed they aren’t fighting calling each other names or physically or verbally abusing each other. So don’t worry my fellow seddiers they WILL get back together and their relationship has definetly changed so don’t be mad at Dan he knows what he’s doing ;)

    Since I’ve seen many people on tumblr mentioning how sam a… Read more >
  • Marr1114

    ILove You: Seddie isnt over!

    September 25, 2011 by Marr1114

    Okay i know everyone is flipping out about the seddie break up that just happened in ilove you i know i was but then i went on twitter and a lot of tweets from fellow seddiers calmed me down especially what dan tweeted. Dan tweeted "You never know WHAT will happen in the future. If you did, life would be boring. The twists and turns keep it fun and exciting ;)" so from this it's giving us hope also the fact that freddie said i love you first to sam and meant it (remember he never said i love you to carly even when they broke up in isaved your life AND when he did it was seen as a joke not like he really meant it).

    Also, as we've seen in the past couple of episodes sam and freddie cant stay mad at each other i know what you're thinking they did…

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