I’m not all that bothered that they didn’t directly mention the Seddie break - up in iQ because it was indirectly implied that they had a relationship before because they weren’t acting like they used to they weren’t fighting AT ALL in the entire episode and sam actually helped freddie with T- BO. So, if you think back to
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the episodes before the seddie arc and their relationship before their relationship dynamic has definitely changed they aren’t fighting calling each other names or physically or verbally abusing each other. So don’t worry my fellow seddiers they WILL get back together and their relationship has definetly changed so don’t be mad at Dan he knows what he’s doing ;) Since I’ve seen many people on tumblr mentioning how sam and freddie’s relationship is a lot like josh and mindy’s I re-watched the jindy episodes from drake and josh and I couldn’t agree more w
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ith those people. For example, Josh and Mindy hated each other at first they were both academic rivals and couldn’t stand each other but then once Mindy picked Josh to be her partner for a project they started fighting and then Mindy yelled maybe I’m mean to you because maybe a like you and josh said maybe i like you too and they winded up kissing they broke up in the middle of the episode because josh wouldn’t tell drake that he was dating mindy since drake couldn’t stand Mindy. Drake eventually got Josh and Mindy back together at the end of the episode. Later on in the series Josh and Mindy have a mutual break - up which is slightly similar to Sam & Freddie’s.
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In the series finale Mindy and Josh get back together and it’s the cutest scene ever. Mindy tells Josh that she regrets breaking
up with him and has been wanting to get back together and when Josh says how long have you felt this way she said about 45 minutes after we broke up. (I’m not doing the scene justice you have to see it for yourselves!) bottom line is Jindy & Seddie are similiar in so many ways they were both love/hate relationships and winded up back together at the end. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until the series finale just the last season either way as long as they end up together I will be happy! Seddie is just on a break they won’t stop loving each other true love doesn’t disappear and when they get back together it will be AMAZING! They hold each other’s hearts <3

We just have to have faith in Dan ;)

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