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  • MattyAndJenna4Eva

    I am currently writing an America's Next Top Model fanfic and NEED OCS (Original Characters). The form is below and I will notify ya'll when the first chapter is up. The contest ends August 1st. Here is the form with a prologue:

    My name is Tyra Banks and I have a big announcement to make! Top Model is back and bigger than ever! This season will pit ce lebrities and normal girls against each other for the title of America's Next Top Model! It's a season full of firsts! It's the first season with huge stars! It's the first season with bigger prizes! And the first season with a mystery contestant who has a big announcement! There will be extremely big judges and bigger stars! Do YOU wanna be on top? We will be holding casting for contestants a…

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  • MattyAndJenna4Eva

    I had some ideas of what they could do if they made a season six, so I will now share them with the iNterweb.

    -An hour long episode that ends the shipping war and gives closure for both ships.

    -A driving episode where Carly wants to get her license but her, Sam, Freddie and Spencer get stranded on their way to the DMV and by the time they get there, it's closed.

    -A special where Carly returns from Italy to find out that everyone has changed (e.g. Sam being the popular cheerleader, Freddie being the jock, Gibby being the nerd, etc.) and has moved on from iCarly.

    -A crossover special where Socko and Cat's brother are revealed.

    -An episode where Carly and Gibby get trapped in an elevator and... they kiss at the end.

    -An episode where Sam and Melani…

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