I would like to know how different fans from this wiki became iCarly fans, and how many of them have followed the show since day 1 or they have just started watching it. I personally consider myself lucky to have even started watching iCarly, basically since drake & josh and zoey 101 ended I did not watch anything on nickelodeon (I basically stopped watching anyting on nick since all shows I enjoyed throughout my childhood and teenage years had ended) until about 6 or 7 months ago when I started watching a few episodes of iCarly with my younger sister since I had nothing to do that day :P The first episodes I saw completely were imight swich schools and ireunite with missy. Basically i just started loving the show and have since watched every episode that ever aired. My favorite characters are Sam (and not just because Jennete McCurdy is beautiful) but because her character personality just seems fun to be around with even though I'm nothing like her and Spencer because he is just HILARIOUS. I consider myself an icarly geek since anytime my friend who started watching icarly way before me challenges me with random trivia I usually win, it might get more intresting if we start betting money on who wins the trivia, lol. If it wasn't for my sister who was watching icarly that day I probaly would still be missing on an awesome show that I completely ignored for 3 years.

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