Hey Guys, SeddieTwiBD4evababy here... this is my very first blog. I wrote this fanfic speculation based on a dream I had a little while ago. So, please comment.. remember this is my first little fanfic... well, here it is called... kinda a prequel to iOMG.


Carly: Sooo... How are you guys? You guys haven't really talked a lot lately. Why? OMG!!?! Did you guys kiss again?!?

Seddie: No!?!

Carly: Oh, thank gosh because if that happened I would have to give you guys the "talk" again.

Sam: yeaahh!!... anywho, I'm hungry... Freddie can you make me something to eat!!?! Please... for me!?!

Freddie: (sighs)... Fine!!

Sam: Yeah!!! I love you soo much, you know that?!?

Freddie: Yeah, yeah... I love you, too.

Sam: No, Freddie I really mean it... I-I love you. I never stopped, actually.

Freddie: Really... I love you, too. I never stopped either. (walks up too her)

Seddie: (kisses passionately for 13 seconds)

Carly: Mhmm... I'm in the room you two.

Seddie: Yeah we know. Your point?!?

Carly: Fine, I'll go upstairs while youhave your little get-together or back-togther lovefest.

Seddie: Fine, whatevs.

Spencer: Oh. hi Sam, Freddie, OMG you guys are back togther... wait this means more kissing and making out between you too. EWW... GROSS!!

Seddie: Haha... thanks Spence. (continue kissing)

The end.

Sooo... what to you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Please comment it's my first Blog and fanfic.

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