Since a week ago, many of you people were very excited for the episode iOMG most of you watched the episode and many were happy, many other were sad, but in my case, I was mad. I was holding this from long ago, but I think I must have the guts to say this.

First of all, this is a rant, my opinion of iOMG, and its aftermath.

In the beginning of all this chiz, I also was eager to see what would happen, you already knew that I was mad about the infamous kiss scene, but secretly, I was so upset that I felt like that I wanted to punch my computer so bad by the anger.

And is predictable what will you think. You think I hate Seddie, well, no. I don't hate it. I just hate iOMG. After saying that, I was starting to think that iWill Date Freddie (the only episode I disliked, before iomg) was a lot better.

And after that, during six days, more than a thousand copies of the infamous kiss were posted to the wiki (IMO), and, I don't know how much this upsets you, but I felt that someone was presuming that infamous kiss scene so many times that I didn't want to even think about it. I was trying to get over it, and having fun, like always, but I see it doesn't work for me.

And I'm getting SICK AND TIRED OF THIS! And I feel that someone is rubbing that in me. I mean, is ok, but if they overdo it, it will upset me at a VERY DANGEROUS LEVEL!

I'm not trying to start a ship war, and nothing similar, this is just my opinion, and I hope this chiz stop once and for all!

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