All of you people may know that after the episode iOMG (which I consider the episode that I most hate) I was driven mad and I almost launched a fury storm. And after seeing the promo of a future episode (I won't tell which one), I'm starting to think that is getting worse and worse. And after iomg I will probably hate every episode after that.

And, since this wiki is about a kids show, I'll watch my language and I have to replace swear/bad words, so here I come.

For me, iCarly is going downhill in season 4. There are many, many, many things that didn't really suit me at all.

It probably began since iHire an Idiot. I mean, apparently 3 months after Fanwar. They needed an intern, OK. But is got akward when Brad came. Why Brad, and not Cort? Brad had potential, but I kinda hated when Carly and Sam hired Cort just for his physical appearance. Well, I know the title is called "hire an idiot" but in my opinion, they shouldn't do that. And the Carly/Freddie "serious talk" WHT happened with that? I was just waiting something like Carly telling her feelings to Freddie, or something like that, but they got us with just a stupid argue about firing Cort/Ashley. That's a letdown, but despite that, I liked that scene and the scene when Gibby was taking flash photos to distract the guard.

Next, iPity the Nevel. In my opinion that was almost perfectly done, I don't have any complain.

Next, iParty. Even I haven't saw the episode, yet. for almost a half year everyone were talking about that, they said a Tori/Carly "rivalry" , Kenan Thompson, a rap battle, etc. I never watched a promo, nor sneak peeks of that episode 'cause I would want to get a "surprise", but no, after iomg.

Now, we're talking iomg, gosh, I totally hate it.

Atfer firing Cort/Ashley the iCarlies hire Brad, OK, but everything gone downhill with Sam "falling in love" with him. Carly was telling Sam that she admits that she "loves" Brad, but as expected, she denied it.

And I will get mad about the scene later, since everyone know what happened.

Then, they gave an official premiere for iParty, that was Jun. 11, I was eager to watch it, but thanks to iomg, now I'm not sure, and I'm not even sure if I can watch ihai and iptn dubbed in latinamerican spanish.

And after that, I'm starting to think that I will probably hate every episode after iomg, leave the wiki and/or even stop watching iCarly (I will still watch every episode BEFORE iomg), because I'm thinking that iCarly is going downhill and getting lower, and lower, and lower...

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