The Latin American dub of iCarly

My opinion of the dub

I was REALLY eager to share this blog with all of you in the wiki. For those who live outside the U.S. (And more precisely live in Latin America), like me, have watched iCarly dubbed in spanish. For those who don't live in Latin America, I can give you a link to watch the dubbed episodes.

You can watch visit the site if you want, but I SUGGEST you to visit the site if you wanna comment in this blog.

If you don't understand spanish, it wouldn't be a problem if you watched the original language, 'cuz I think you might know what they're talking about, I watched it in both languages (english and spanish) and I found some dub mistakes or translation mistakes, these mistakes don't matter to me.

In my opinion, the dub is OK.

Carly's voice

Personally, in the latin american dub, Carly's voice doesn't sound as "girly" as Miranda's original voice. But I like it. For some unknown reason, I find Carly's latin american voice kinda pretty hot.

Sam's voice

In Latin America, Sam's voice doesn't sound as "tomboyish" as Jennette's original voice, the voice in general sounds kinda girly, especially when Sam is yelling. For example, the part when she yells "I'M NOT KIDDING! FREDDIE'S HURT!" it sounds kinda girly, but the dub voice actress was a good choice to play Sam's funny quotes.

Freddie's voice

Do you remember Nathan's voice changed in iSaw Him First? Well, the dub actor's voice hasn't change until iDate a Bad Boy. Well, it changed gradually in the beginning of season 2, but changed completely in iDate a Bad Boy, when Freddie yells "YES!!!"

Spencer's and Gibby's voices

For Spencer's and Gibby's voices, I'm not complaining, so I'll leave 'em.

If you people want to share your own opinions about the dub, you have to watch AT LEAST ONE episode before you comment.

OK, I'm out now...


Oh, and one more thing.

I saw in the web that the episode iGot a Hot Room will premiere in Latin America in Feb. 17, but I don't believe them... yet...

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