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Mazznick February 26, 2011 User blog:Mazznick

This is for everyone, please read...

Since I ever joined the wiki, I always wanted to write this blog, but didn't have the chance... But after these almost 5 months, I saw stuff that I liked, disliked, felt awkward, felt comfortable, etc.

Here's my issue....


I don't know what's going on, but I think you people are taking this shipping thing TOO SERIOUSLY, I mean, romantic relationships are NOT the main thing in iCarly, so why are you people doing this, I don't get it.

The "fanwar"

First of all, the episode iStart a Fanwar, from another (mature) point of view, should not be made, why? Because a fictional fanwar is based on a real one and I think is a waste of time, and I know you people are disappointed about the end of the episode, but I think it was the perfect tense about iCarly is about comedy, and not romantic relationships.

It's okay to support a ship, but just for fun, not to make pointless wars where (IMO) everyone lose.

Anyway, discuss, comment.

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