Inspired by Cameddie, I also create my own iCarly fan character. But this is a "guest" character.

Travis Redfield is the creator of NeoGrounds. He "appears" in my fanfiction blog iFind NeoGrounds.

Relationships with other characters

Freddie Benson

Travis met Freddie one day in the AV Club on Ridgeway. They are very good friends.

Fanship: Fravis.

Carly Shay

Carly falls in love with Travis since she first sees him. They are friends.

When Travis had a good idea, Carly hugged him and Travis always asked nicely to let him go. That means, Travis wants to be just friends with Carly.

Fanship: Cravis.

Sam Puckett

It seems that Travis can deal with people like Sam. At first, Sam thought Travis was a "nerd techy". Travis frequently ignores Sam's mean comments and "gives her food" in change to not picking on him.

Travis considers Sam as a "frenemy", just like Freddie does.

Fansip: Savis.

Spencer Shay

Not much interaction, but they seem to be in good terms.

Spencer helps Travis and the iCarly gang to take payback to Nevel.

Fanship: Trencer.

Gibby Gibson

They are in good terms.

Gibby helps Travis and the iCarly gang to take payback to Nevel.

Fanship: Gravis.

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