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iAm Innocent

Mazznick January 6, 2011 User blog:Mazznick

iAm Innocent

"iAm Innocent" is my first iCarly fanfiction.


Sam gets arrested and is sent to juvie for a crime she didn't, and Carly and Freddie try to prove her innocence, meanwhile Spencer and Gibby try to catch the real criminal.

Ship moments

Creddie moments

Hints of attraction

  • Carly and Freddie were playing a videogame that is a spoof of "Street Fighter", Carly wins.
  • Freddie gets a little upset after losing to Carly.
Creddie quote
Carly: "Aren't you embarassed of losing to a girl?"
Freddie: "No, I'm not..."
Carly: "I see you a little sarcastic..."

Friendship moments

  • Freddie tells Carly that Sam was sent to juvie.
  • Carly and Freddie work together to prove Sam's innocence.

Seddie moments

Hints of attraction

  • Before an iCarly reharshal, Sam and Freddie were playing "Virtual Boxing", Freddie wins.
  • Sam doesn't feel embarassed after losing to Freddie.
  • Freddie gets upset and very angry after Sam was sent to juvie.
Seddie quote

Freddie: "Juvie? SAM, WHAT DID YOU DO!?"


[Freddie, very upset runs to Carly's appartment to tell Carly]

Cam moments

Hints of attraction

  • Carly is very upset after knowing that Sam was sent to juvie.

Friendship moments

  • While in juvie, Carly tells Sam that Carly WILL prove Sam's innocence, and she promises.
Cam quote

Carly: "I don't get it"

Sam: "Don't get what?"

Carly: "I know you were sent to juvie 4 times..."

Sam: "Fifth with this one"

Carly: "Sam... I PROMISE. Me and Freddie will take you outta here and prove your innocence..."

Sam: "Carls... I KNOW you WILL..." [smiles]

Fencer/Sparly moments

Friendship moments

  • Freddie and Carly tell Spencer that Sam was sent to juvie again.
  • Spencer tells Carly and Freddie that he will catch the real criminal.

Gencer moments

Friendship moments

  • Gibby helps Spencer to catch the real criminal who rob the Groovy Smoothie (Sam was arrested for that).

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