iDouble Date

My second iCarly fanfiction.


Carly invites Sam, Freddie and Gibby to a lunch in a restaurant to plan the next iCarly webshow. Meanwhile, Spencer enters in a raffle to win the new PearBook Air.

Ship moments

(Note that is NOT a romantic date)

Creddie moments

Hints of attraction

  • Freddie looks amused by Carly's generic male voice.
  • Freddie asks Carly if she want to date Freddie again.
  • Carly responded that is not a "real" date, just hanging out and plan the next iCarly.

Friendship moments

  • Carly invites Freddie in Carly's room.
  • Carly and Freddie had the idea of another ghost story from Sombrario.
  • Carly and Freddie scripted they are in the side of hedgehogs in the Random Debate.

Seddie moments

Hints of attraction

  • After Carly invited Freddie, Sam asked him if he was invited.
  • Sam was a little jealous when Freddie said that Carly invited him.

Friendship moments

  • During the date, Sam and Freddie were talking about hedgehogs and plumbers.
  • Sam and Freddie don't fight at all.

Cam moments

Hints of attraction

  • Carly and Sam were playing a game that is a parody of "Twister".
  • Carly told Sam first about the date.
  • When Carly said "I'll invite Freddie", Sam was a little jealous. And Carly was jealous when Sam said "Well, I'll invite Gibby!".

Friendship moments

  • Carly liked the idea of hedgehogs and plumbers, and the idea could be great for a Random Debate.
  • Carly and Sam had the idea of another "The Cowboy With A Mustache And The Idiot Farmgirl Who Thought The Mustache Was A Squirrel", but with a twist.

Sibby moments

Friendship moments

  • Sam invites Gibby in school.
  • Sam and Gibby had the idea of another "The Englishman Who Was A Terrible Father With His Two Children Named Fuffley and Peeta".
  • Sam and Gibby srcipted they are in the side of plumbers in the Random Debate.

Cibby moments

Friendship moments

  • Both Carly and Gibby had an idea for another "Messin' with Lewbert" sketch.
  • Carly and Gibby finally agree to make a "Dr. Lobster" sketch.

Fibby moments

Friendship moments

  • Freddie and Gibby plan for another "Wake up Spencer" video.

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