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iWill Surprise Freddie

Mazznick February 4, 2011 User blog:Mazznick

iWill Surprise Freddie

As a gift for Freddie's birthday, my 4th fanfiction.


Carly plans a surprise birthday party for Freddie. Spencer and Gibby help Carly to make the party, meanwhile Sam "dates" Freddie as a distraction to buy time to Carly to make the party.

Ship moments



  • Carly plans a surprise birthday party to Freddie. Freddie asks Carly about it, an Carly frequently "evades" him, so Freddie can't suspect.
  • Freddie is worried about why Carly is "evading" him.
  • Carly lies to Freddie by telling him that there are bugs in the iCarly studio, and it was needed to bug-out.


  • Carly makes the birthday party because she cares a lot about Freddie.
  • Carly makes Freddie a super awesome gift for his birthday.
  • Carly "evades" Freddie every time he asks her something about the party.
  • Carly makes the party at the iCarly studio; just like Sam's birthday.



  • Carly asks Sam if she can distract Freddie until the party is ready, Sam makes a fake date with Freddie, so she can distract him.
  • Freddie suspects about the party, and asks Sam about Carly, but Sam evades that question.
  • Sam goes to the bathroom to call Carly, then Freddie is a little upset, and leaves Sam alone to figure out what's going on with Carly.


  • Sam buys a smoothie for Freddie.
  • Sam is the only one who doesn't "evade" Freddie.
  • Sam calls Freddie "Freduccini" again.
  • Sam gives Freddie a bucket of COLD fried chicken and a Fat Shake for his birthday.



  • Gibby is the first one to wish happy birthday to Freddie. Not Guppy (as his catchphrase says).
  • Gibby and Guppy give Freddie a new PearPod.
  • When Freddie asked Gibby about Carly's party, Gibby "evaded" him, and Guppy said "Happy Birthday" AGAIN!



  • Spencer makes a Galaxy Wars spaceship replica scale model for his room, and another scale model of himself ans Freddie fencing.
  • Spencer "evades" Freddie when he asks him about Carly's party.



  • Carly wants to make a very awesome present for Freddie and asks Sam, Spencer and Gibby for help to distract Freddie.

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