love is in the air 4 seddie


Oh Spencer

Seddie error by lakin5-d2ylm00

"We smile because we know Seddie will happen!"


Seddie! Woo!

Hiya! I'm here to air my opinions on iLost My Mind! Creddiers might not like this,as it's a Seddie filled blog,but read if ya want.

WARNING: Fangirl screaming ahead.

1st promo :[http://

2nd promo :

Watch them before you read.Just to remind yourself.Unless you religiously watch it everyday. Then I'm sure you will know them off by heart.

AHHHH! My god I'm excited! iLost My Mind! Seddie! <3

I think that date we saw in the first promo will be in the next episode,iDate Sam and Freddie.What do you think?

Oh Spencer.How many times do you dress up as a woman?

Seddie! In the second promo,there's one awesome Seddie conversation! It goes like this....

S: I hate you.

F:Then why'd you kiss me?

S:i like you.

F:So you hate me,...and you like me!?:)

S: Now you why i need to be in here!

I think there will be more,but that's all that's in the promo.

My brief ( and pretty bad) speculation of the episode.

Sam checks herself into a mental hospital straight after the lock-in.Freddie and Carly are worried.Freddie goes to Carly,has a conversation where Carly reveals she saw the kiss,they figure out Sam's in a mental hospital on the computer,go there with Gibby,Gibby and Carly go and talk with the patients,Freddie goes and talks to Sam,Sam kicks him out the room after their conversation,Carly and Gibby and Freddie think of a plan to get Sam out of the hospital,since Sam refuses to leave,Spencer comes dressed as Pam,while Gibby causes chaos with the staff.Sam is dragged out by Pam/Spencer, and in the car ride home,Carly pesters Sam and Freddie,asking if they're dating,if they are official yet,what they talked about in the room,when they realised they liked each other,and just being annoying so Sam tells Spencer to stop the car and climbs out,walking home.

Yeah,that speculation is not my best work.What do you think will happen? Do you think Seddie will get together? Do you think Spencer will enjoy dressing up as Pam? Do you think Spencer seems scarily like Pam? Am I annoying you with my questions? Discuss,kiddies!

And I must say this again.SEDDIE!

AAAAH! Rock on mighty Seddie Warriors!

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