aka Melanie

  • I live in UK
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is school kid
  • I am girl
  • Mel3t

    Ok, i don't know if any one else has the same problem but it really annoys me how Nickelodeon splits up the season of icarly. The seasons go as follows season 1 starts with ipilot and ends with ihave a lovesick teacher, season 2 starts with isaw him first and ends with ifight shelby marx now season 3 starts with ithink they kissed and ends with ibeat the heat those episodes are season 3 the episodes i've got a hot room to iparty with victorious/ iomg are season 4 when theres a distinct change in the actors physical changes. Anything that tries to tell me season three includes the episodes isaw him first to ibeat the heat is wrong unless your trying to tell me for no apparent reason they made season 2 the longest season ever when they made …

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  • Mel3t

    so, i am now extremly aware of the Movie 'little Bitches' that Jennette mccurdy has been working on as it remains on her filmography and she has posted numarous youtub videoes and twets refering to the project, This is all well and good but whats killing me is knowing so very little about the contents of the movie and when its intially set to come out. Shes also teased about season 2 of Between which im dying for btw, but i have know idea when this should premire and whether it will be simular to season 1's arrival. 

    Anyway i would also like to just draw attention to a certin youtube name nigahige who a few mounths ago published a video show his works with the great Nathan Kress on a horror movie type project, though he repotedly stated not…

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