• Mercedes1229


    November 30, 2012 by Mercedes1229

    hi everybody i bet you all watched igoodbye! its very sad  and i hope to see them in the future! and guess wat just like carly says its not gone for ever the sadest part was when they said and this was icarly and guess wat its not gone forever it will always be in your hearts and thats why were gonna be happy and positive about the desicion they made . maybe just maybe one day they will be back on thats good news now lets sing the song!

    igoodbye  you changed are lives!!!! and made us wonderful!! thank you for the fun and crazy actions and all the disco lighting dances its so real i cant belive how you feell and thank you sam for the ribs and the moter cycle and and all the crazy  webshows and if i carly crew member see this song maybe they …

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