• Metatron85

    Has anyone thought about the big question here:

    How far in advance did Dan envision the Seddie romance?

    Was it something he had in the back of his mind from the beginning (and the "hints" we have noticed are legit) OR is it something that started later on and if so, WHICH EPISODE?

    I am a true Seddie Shipper and want to believe that this was ALWAYS the way the dominoes were set to fall.

    But that doubt is killing me

    What do you think? Was Dan really trying to drive us toward Seddie from the beginning?

    Hope so ;-)

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  • Metatron85

    I saw the episode recently and thought about what Sam said about not being able to not insult Freddie. Wonder that instead of Sam just being incapable of not insulting Freddie constantly, maybe she is afraid that being stuck into saying nothing but nice things, something hinting at her true feelings might accidentally slip.

    She came close when she refused Freddie's invitation to kiss him and adds, "thank you for your kind offer."

    That was my take on the ep, what do you think?

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