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  • MightySeddieWarrior

    Helluuu!!! I be MightySeddieWarrior. And this bloggy is bout the word "Chiz" and something I've noticed..

    So, I'm pretty sure you are REALLY familiar with the TV show, Victorious. If you're not, get the motor oil outta your brain (just kidding =D)!!! So, in the episode (of Victorious) Wi-Fi in the Sky, Trina asks Tori..

    Tori: No chiz!

    Trina: What is "chiz" anyway?

    Tori: Andre thinks it's a German sausage.

    And, in iCarly, in iSell Penny-Tees, Freddie tells that little kid...

    Boy Who's Name I Do Not Know: Hey, man, get off our chiz!

    Freddie: Uhh, maybe you should all get off your chizzes (butts) and do some work!

    Carly: Or you're not getting paid!

    Soo, with the whole "Victorious-iCarly" definitions of "chiz", It's either they said...



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  • MightySeddieWarrior

    Yoders! This be MightySeddieWarrior! And since I've been like super bored lately with school and such, I've decided to come up with, yet, another game!

    The game (as you can tell from the title) is called the "Reubenese Game"! Remember that kid Reuben from iWin a Date? The blonde boy who had a crush on Sam who said sentences that even Einstein couldn't understand? Yeah, that doof! Well, I've decided to make a game reflecting on Reuben. You just say the randomest sentences you can think of! It just needs to sound like a sentence that Reuben might say. If you want, you can translate it for us!

    Still, you can have fun without hurting anybody! Here's some rules before you begin.. PLEASE NOTE WHAT PENALTY YOU COULD END UP FACING!

    1. (Temporary/Perminant …

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  • MightySeddieWarrior

    Am I the Only One?

    September 10, 2011 by MightySeddieWarrior

    Heya! MightySeddieWarrior is the present one here! Soo yeah. I've been thinking because this is kind of a random thought that "haunts" me. Well, before I begin, I'd just like to point out that I HATE being left out. I dont like it if I'm the only girl in my grade who doesn't have a twitter/facebook account (This is real), I dont like it if I'm the only person in my science class who doesn't know how to play chess (This is real as well), and I dont like it if I'm the only person in my whole entire school who doesnt own a flying monkey that barfs up paperclips (Okay.. Maybe this is isn't real...)!! So yeah. You get the point on how I hate being left out. So, here's my question for you guys although it may sound O-MAZINGLY stupid...

    Does anyon…

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  • MightySeddieWarrior

    Yet again, the title says more than you think. Anyway, this is my official temporary good-bye from you guys. I'll miss you all! Some of you remember my last attempt to say good-bye to you guys, but that failed terribly and suddenly. I had these 3 extra days to be on this wiki because my flight to New York (DA BIG APPLE!!!) got canceled. I now start school tomorrow (Sept. 6) and with my VERY busy schedule, I think I have barely anytime to at least watch some iCarly. I'll try to come on this wiki on weekends, but my visits will be rare. But, anyway, *hugs everyone on this wiki for the last time* I'll miss ALL of you!!!

    Thanks for bloggin' with me for the last time in a while! MightySeddieWarrior (a mighty warrior from the Seddie tribe).

    P.S Happy Birth…

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  • MightySeddieWarrior

    Once again, the title says all. Come up with your own Penny-tee names in 'dis blog! You can just come up with one, or make an entire list of them. Have truck-loads o' fun!!

    You can have fun without any hurting/offending anybody! Here are some rules before you begin..


    1. (Perminant/Temporary/IP Block/Kickban) Please don't write anything offending to someones ship/race/religion/nationality/ect.

    2. (Perminant/Temporary/IP Block/Kickban) Don't write anything sexual/innapropriate. There are some young users on this wiki who can read something vile just by simply clicking on a blog.

    3. (Scold) Don't write anything that advertises another user/company/product/wiki. It is alright using a company/pr…

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