Before I begin, I'd like to point out that this is my last blog for quite a while... BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW!!

To: FudgeFace :3

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY, FUDGEFACE!!! Congrats on turning 11! I know your actual b-day isn't until SEPTEMBER 6TH, but since I can't make it here, here's an early present delivery! FudgeFace, you're awesome, hilarious, pretty, cool, amazing, and everything positive!! You are truly my wiki BFF. I'll miss you the most! *hugs* Happy birthday, buddy!

Your frand, MightySeddieWarrior (a mighty warrior from the Seddie tribe).

To: iCarly Wiki Users

Please comment to wish PurpleStripedFudgeParole a happy early birthday! For some of you who didn't know, her actual birthday is on Sept. 6. But since I won't be here, I made this blog reguarding birthday wishes to her. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

Thanks for bloggin', and happy birthday, FudgeFace! MightySeddieWarrior (a mighty warrior from the Seddie tribe).

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