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Official Temporary Good-bye! 100% Sure This Time

Yet again, the title says more than you think. Anyway, this is my official temporary good-bye from you guys. I'll miss you all! Some of you remember my last attempt to say good-bye to you guys, but that failed terribly and suddenly. I had these 3 extra days to be on this wiki because my flight to New York (DA BIG APPLE!!!) got canceled. I now start school tomorrow (Sept. 6) and with my VERY busy schedule, I think I have barely anytime to at least watch some iCarly. I'll try to come on this wiki on weekends, but my visits will be rare. But, anyway, *hugs everyone on this wiki for the last time* I'll miss ALL of you!!!

Thanks for bloggin' with me for the last time in a while! MightySeddieWarrior (a mighty warrior from the Seddie tribe).

P.S Happy Birthday, FudgeFace (A.K.A PurpleStripedFudgeParole239)

~MightySeddieWarrior has temporarily left this wiki~

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