Yoders! This be MightySeddieWarrior! And since I've been like super bored lately with school and such, I've decided to come up with, yet, another game!

How to Play...

The game (as you can tell from the title) is called the "Reubenese Game"! Remember that kid Reuben from iWin a Date? The blonde boy who had a crush on Sam who said sentences that even Einstein couldn't understand? Yeah, that doof! Well, I've decided to make a game reflecting on Reuben. You just say the randomest sentences you can think of! It just needs to sound like a sentence that Reuben might say. If you want, you can translate it for us!

'Da Rules!

Still, you can have fun without hurting anybody! Here's some rules before you begin.. PLEASE NOTE WHAT PENALTY YOU COULD END UP FACING!

1. (Temporary/Perminant Block/Kickban/IP Block) Don't type anything offencive to another user's ship/race/religion/nationality/gender/ect.

2. (Temporary Block/Kickban) No discrimination! Meaning, don't say a specific group/user can't comment on this blog because of their ship/race/popularity/ect. Everyone is welcome!

3. (Temporary/Perminant Block/Kickban/IP Block) Don't type anything sexual/innapropriate. There are some little kids on this wiki who can read something vile simply by the click of their mouse.

4. (Scold) I kindly ask you to not advertise for a company/product/user/blog/website (other than this wiki)/ect. Using iCarly companies/products is allowed. (Ex. The Fat Cake can climb the tree if the cranberry parade isn't blue!)

5. (Well, I guess I can't do anything if you don't have fun) Have truck-loads of fun even though it is really cheesy to have "Have fun!" as a rule!

Thanks for bloggin'! MightySeddieWarrior (a mighty warrior from the Seddie tribe)

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