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  • MirandaCosgroveFan13

    OMG so yesterday I was on the Victorious Wiki and I saw that it was announced on August 10th 2012 that the show was ending!! Not right away but there are like 15 episode left to air throughout the Fall and then it's all over so basically iCarly and Victorious are ending at the same time. There is officially no season 4 of Victorious:

    here's a link if you don't believe me:!

    GUYS. What if Dan's genius tv writing days are over? Everyone's already speculating Sam & Cat will be bad and so will Gibby. What if they both end quickly after getting bad ratings? (cause tbh they will have bad ratings. icarly and victorious are popular and they only get 2.5) I…

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  • MirandaCosgroveFan13

    Just wondering what everyones first names are. mine is melina.

    Comment and tell ur name!!!!!

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