Really? I didn;t even finish my "I'm Leaving" song. That;s all, folks! Also, what did I do?



WEEKEND UPDATE WITH DANVILLE MYERS: How was I trolling and spamming? Really, I want details. I am not sure exactly what I did.

FOURTH UPDATE: A LITTLE SONG....CUE 'Victorous' music!

Confused I am, once again Kickbanned for a reason that I do not understand once again I make some stan-up comedy just because

And I'll never know How PurpleJerk's insulting me now What is my life coming to? if only somebody could give me a fair review of my stand-up comedy.

When I figure out make the perfect joke I'm lost in the happiness JERRY SEINFELD IS MY INSPIRATION!!!

You don't have to be afraid that I'll go crazy

I am not a pyschopath like Norah the Lazy Not a fantasy

Just remember me when you see 'The Muppets' 'cuz I know that I live in a deluded world I'll never be everybody's fascination Stand-up comedy just remember me when you also see 'The Three Stooges'

(2nd Verse)

Dancing weirdly feeling hyper I'm making a parody, but it's not very good I like to do stand-up comedy I'll write some for you (maybe)

And it's time to show the wiki how it's a little bit closer to making me go completely crazy

I just need an outlet, when I'm hyper
That's why I say random things...

Dancing weirdly feeling hyper I'm making a parody, but it's not very good I like to do stand-up comedy I'll write some for you (maybe) (Bridge)

Anyone can tell you that they think I'm a troll (Why?) That when I come on the wiki I should be kickbanned But I don't know why And no one will give me specifics I need to make a parody If you hate me I am sorry That's to make no one care (that I'm apologizing) (Chorus)

You don't have to be afraid to listen to me Even the weirdos of the world have feelings, too I'm not a fantasy just remember me when I make this parody (parod-eeeee) I know that I live in a ludicrous fantasy world I might as well just be a shadow No one likes me (no one) Just, don;t insult me when I make this parody!

UPDATE THE FOURTH AND FINAL: My song paordy didn't turn out in the proper form, for some reason, it was published in paragraphs. I hate my life, and goodbye. Happy winter break, yadda, yadda, I can't wait to get un hyper. Maybe by the time SNL starts. Jimmy Fallone, peoples! Let's hope for a Nick Burns, Tech Guy sketch. I hate being bullied, in real life, and on the wiki.

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