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    iOMG aftermath

    April 11, 2011 by Misszippylala

    This is a fanfci BTW

    but fanfiction is'snt working so I'm going to post it on here for the timebeing! Beautiful belle is my fanfiction name BTW


    Okay I thought I would write a story about the advents that went on after IOMG this is the end scene written in Sam’s POV (point of view). It may seem a bit poetic for your liking but I’m working on it. It’s may be a multi-chapter or I might keep it as a one- shot until nearer the time of IOMG part 2. And I would love to announce that IOMG is the most viewed iCarly episode according to Wikipedia! I don’t own iCarly cause’ I’m a 12 year old girl! So enough with all this meaningless banter on with the story!

    Chapter 1: Sam’s Thoughts!

    Look, I know it’s scary for you to put your feelings out there.’


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    OK so i got into the seddie iOMG spirit and made a speculation. It is seddie so don’t like, don’t read!

    So basically I think this lock down thing is basically (I say basically a lot :p) serious study time. And Carly, Sam, Freddie and Brad are doing a science project on feelings (btw Brad is the fugdy intern that they didn’t hire cos’ of Cort) in order to do this Freddie and Brad have made a Pearpad and Pearphone app that is 100% accurate about feelings. They do Sams feelings and it comes up as in love, that’s why Freddie does the looking up thing all shocked. He tells Carly but not Sam. Carly decide to play macht maker and see who Sam might be in love with she sees Sam ‘flirting’ with Brad and assumes its him. She tries to get Sam to admit …

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    hey guys,

    now in ido the upcoming icarly episode which seddie moments might happen YAY this is what i think will or might happen.(sedddie side of the story)

    freddie gets mad at sam in a scene (duh) sam kinda upset and argry and so is freddie, so much there not talking or working well together on icarly anymore. so at the wedding (after party dance floor thing) carly talkks to sam and makes her feel kinda guilty and at the same time spencer makes freddie feel kinda guilty.

    sam goes to find freddie and freddie is trying to find sam and they bump into eachother in the middle of the dancefloor its realy loud music but they still try to apolagize but dont know what the other is saying. so sam shouts can you put some quiter music on"

    so the music ch…

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