OK so i got into the seddie iOMG spirit and made a speculation. It is seddie so don’t like, don’t read!

So basically I think this lock down thing is basically (I say basically a lot :p) serious study time. And Carly, Sam, Freddie and Brad are doing a science project on feelings (btw Brad is the fugdy intern that they didn’t hire cos’ of Cort) in order to do this Freddie and Brad have made a Pearpad and Pearphone app that is 100% accurate about feelings. They do Sams feelings and it comes up as in love, that’s why Freddie does the looking up thing all shocked. He tells Carly but not Sam. Carly decide to play macht maker and see who Sam might be in love with she sees Sam ‘flirting’ with Brad and assumes its him. She tries to get Sam to admit it, but Sam can’t because she’s not in love with him. Carly doesn't listen to Sam and goes ahead and sets them up in the cafeteria, any way Brad and Sam have NO idea about whats going on and why Carly’s trying to set them up and brad lets the Pearphone app results slip and Sam gets upset that they didn’t tell her. She walks out of the cafeteria and sees Freddie and he explains to her why shouldn't be scared about her feelings. But she tells him that what if its not brad she likes. Then Freddie says something like ‘who Else's then’ Sam was about to tell Freddie but spots Carly through the window. And she says no-one or I’m not ready to tell you yet but soon I will they hug and Freddie says ‘Please at least admit it’ then walks out and Carly follows leaving Sam alone and then she says Its you, ‘I like you Freddie’ the it goes to end titles

And that was it. Comment Please!

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