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Mme.ME! March 15, 2013 User blog:Mme.ME!

Okay, a teacher of mine gave me a weird homework to do: the proposal is to use the scientific method to prove anything we want. I decided to to mine about pairings. Seriouly, is a research, I won't expose anyone. So, please, answer it. It will only take you five minutes.

It's really simple, answer the questions below by commenting.

1 - How old are you? (If you're underage, lie about it, you shouldn't be here at all).

2 - Who and why (short reasons, please) you ship in:

2.1 - iCarly?

2.2 - Victorious?

2.3 - Big Time Rush?

2.4 - Zoey 101?

2.5 - Glee?

2.6 - Big Bang Theory?

2.7 - Friends?

2.9 - How I met Your Mom?

2.10 - Others series?

3 - Where are you from? (use generic locations such as "North America, Asia, Oceania, etc..")

Okay, that's it. Thank you very much if you're answering it ;)

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