Molothrus Aeneus

aka Dziú, Molotera Legarreta, Molotera

  • I live in México
  • I was born on September 18
  • My occupation is getting mad and crying every 5 minutes
  • I am Andrea Legarreta
  • Molothrus Aeneus

    I'm temporaly leaving...again.

    Yesterday, after finishing all my Kumon duties on school, I hid them in my short under my skirt...I forgot to check if didn't look like a bugle on my skirt. And walked to my parents...

    So yeah, after this dumb inccident that made my parents take away everything as well hit me in the psychological matter (to the point I had to mention that Wikia is the only thing I ever give a f*ck about it) (seriously guys, I TRULY LOVE ALL OF YOU IN HERE, I didn't wanted to reveal that all of you are my only interest in my boring and cynical life) I may be absent from Wikia (both iCarly and SaC) these next months, since I need to start to pay attention in school (many here know I'm a Freshman) -to add, according to Mexican educ…

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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    Since some people are sotra lazy to come into the Creddie/Seddie articles just to rant about the actual editions of the KCA, I decided to make this blog so you can rant without having to wait 9001 years to the Creddie/Seddie articles to charge

    1. Don't curse (you can hint bad words altrough)
    2. Don't insult others users and their likes
    3. Keep an order

    Have Fun :3


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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    Hi everyone!

    After finally thinking,I'm about to upload some of my fanart here,also,some werid and nice photos from my USB

    Fanart:iCarly,Victorious,my O.C. (Dizu and Hiraku),some cartoons (about what's happen in Nickelodeon,can be satirical)

    Photos:iCarly,Victorious,Ponies,random things...IDK

    Posting times:from 1-2 days


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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    Holo to everyone there

    I'm still new here,so I decided to create a blog to ask me things,everything you can ask me.

    But a few rules:

    • The question must not be offensive to me
    • Don't ask me VERY personal questions (like where I live or chizz like that)

    I think that are the only rules

    You can ask me:

    • To my O.C. Dizu
    • About my prefenrences o what I like
    • Nickelodeon Latinamerica (if you have the curiosity of what happens there)

    So,begins this.



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  • Molothrus Aeneus

    I'm new

    September 9, 2012 by Molothrus Aeneus

    Hi there

    Well,I was wandering here (as always) then,I checked the iCarly (TV show) article,and I see that some random dude do vandalism and changed the page to make it offensive,so I decided to do an acconut and change the page,now,I'm here,I always wanted to enter here,but I was very shy (feel like Fluttrershy lol)

    I have nothing to say,but I know some events that happen in the Wikia (Sticky and Sockstar fights,pedo Katydidit,Sophia's heart lie)

    BTW,I'm on as UltraDizu too

    And if you are asking which ships I ship...I ship Seddie and Cam,but I also love Creddie too



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