I'm temporaly leaving...again.

Yesterday, after finishing all my Kumon duties on school, I hid them in my short under my skirt...I forgot to check if didn't look like a bugle on my skirt. And walked to my parents...

So yeah, after this dumb inccident that made my parents take away everything as well hit me in the psychological matter (to the point I had to mention that Wikia is the only thing I ever give a f*ck about it) (seriously guys, I TRULY LOVE ALL OF YOU IN HERE, I didn't wanted to reveal that all of you are my only interest in my boring and cynical life) I may be absent from Wikia (both iCarly and SaC) these next months, since I need to start to pay attention in school (many here know I'm a Freshman) -to add, according to Mexican education system, I HAVEN'T STARTED HIGH SCHOOL YET, I'm still coursing Junior high, and my parents are seeing to which High school I'll go in the future- plus adding that I'm in a different school this year... I know they only want to help me, but ya' know how paradoxical is the teenager mind to understand...

Make this blog know to my SaC Wiki buddies (like AF14 and Jeminali)

I'll appreciate your comments when I have the opportunity to read them

I guess this is a bye...

-UltraDizu The Deudizian Warrior Write me a friendship letter. 06:51, September 3, 2014 (UTC)

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