Okay now i know that the SEDDIE break up was hard on all of us(ESPECIALLY ME), but us SEDDIERS shouls not give up hope:)

Everyone is now comparing the SEDDIE break-up w/ the CREDDIE break-up. And I just say that it is not true, and i have complete faith in SEDDIE!!

Creddie Break-up= CB

Seddie Break-up= sb

CB: Neither Carly or Freddie felt sad about breking up.

SB: They were both like about to cry:(

CB: It was FREDDIE'S decision, not THEIR decision

SB: It was mutual.

CB: Creddie didn't say 'I Love You' to eachother.

SB: Sam and Freddie both said "I Love You" and meant it.

CB: Creddie didn't postpone the break-up.

SB: Sam and Freddie wanted to spend every last second with eachother before breaking up.


CB: In the final scene Freddie was in the elevator ALONE.

SB: In the final scene of iLove You, Freddie was in the elevator WITH SAM!

So Everyone who has been saying "Seddie won't happen again, becuz it was the same break-up as Creddie" STOP IT!!!!

i am a strong believer in SEDDIE(ftw), and i think they will get back together, because they obviously didnt want to break-up in the first place! :)

-Mrs. Eli G.

Hugs, Kisses, and Seddie:)

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