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  • Munro-eli

    Season 5 Predictions

    August 16, 2011 by Munro-eli

    This is just a couple of guesses I have towards what we have to look forward this season to based on the new opening sequence. And no, its not a lot to pull from, but I guess its all we have at the moment (besides iDS&F).

    1. I love the whole blowtorch thing. Not just for the special effect, but also, so many things could go wrong when in the hands of Spencer Shay. I think he is also holding a chainsaw at one point... xD
    2. When Carly's sitting on the couch with her hands in the air, the guy sitting next to her looked suspiciously like that guy in the pictures with Sam, Freddie, Carly and another guy at the Groovy Smoothie. I'm still wondering if this guy's a one-time character or not.
    3. Looks like Spencer has a new girlfriend. It was blurry when I paus…
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  • Munro-eli : for those who haven't seen the promo for iLost My Mind.


    I was reading comments, before I watched it. And being a Seddier - I kinda freaked.

    So there is an actual personal Freddie-confronts-Sam scene. And Carly looks genuinely happy for them at a couple points.

    The Mrs. Benson freaking out thing - hilarious, thank you Dan.

    But - I'm wondering if this could possibly be another iSYL. They date for one episode, and break up at the end? Sam maybe talked with Carly about her feelings, and realizes the whole thing may be crazy? IDK, but I hope not - this really seems to have lots of potential.

    But I have no idea - Freddie seemed to have no problem kis…

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  • Munro-eli

    Just a little blog Freddie wrote on iCarly :) I just wanted to point this out, because it shows they're not ignoring the kiss on the website.

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  • Munro-eli

    I read a lot of mixed reactions to iOMG.

    But I think that there were a couple very cute ship moments for almost everyone.

    Creddie: According to the blog by Creddie 4 real, Creddiers were really upset. But, did you guys not notice the numerous little Creddie moments throughout the episode. I (a Seddier) personally thought the 'horses' scene was very cute, it was adorable when Carly tickled Freddie. They worked together to help a friend, and that was really nice. Plus, we don't know what Carly's reaction is yet. So, don't worry yet.

    Cibby: Carly and Gibby, working together on the project? Carly (possibly) in the future baking Gibby a pie (xD)? They worked nicely together without Sam and Freddie's constant bickering and I thought that they could pos…

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  • Munro-eli

    Does anyone remember the little scene between Carly and Freddie that was leaked from Season 4?

    I known this is what most people think is the speculation for the episode iOMG:

    Carly asks Sam who she likes. Sam tells Carly she likes some good-looking, tech-loving nerd, and Carly assumes its Brad, their new intern. But when she locks them in a room together, she discovers that its not Brad. She gets Freddie to talk to her, they talk about love, they kiss, then Seddie happens.

    I realize that Freddie might not even be referring to Sam. Like Dan said, he could be talking about Carly, or even Gibby. But if they were to include that little scene with Carly and Freddie, where would that play in? Maybe Freddie admits he is in love with Sam, and that's …

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