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What If They Didn't Know Season 4 Wasn't the End Yet?

Munro-eli November 7, 2010 User blog:Munro-eli

I know a lot of people are psyched for iStart a Fanwar, and are arguing for their own ships. But some of you guys think that neither ship will happen at the end of the special (which I think is more of a likely ending).

What are our reasons for this?

1. There's a new season coming, why start the ship so early?

2. Dan never puts our favorite couples together until the end.

3. The specials' promos usually mislead us into believing something that's not true.

But I was thinking that this episode was filmed pretty early- in August. So, what if the new season wasn't approved by then? I'm not sure of the official date, but I didn't hear of a new season until September.

So, I think that it's possible the answer might actually come out if the writers agreed to get it over with, just in case Season 4 was really the end.

Just my thoughts.

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