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iOMG: Ships for Everyone

I read a lot of mixed reactions to iOMG.

But I think that there were a couple very cute ship moments for almost everyone.

Creddie: According to the blog by Creddie 4 real, Creddiers were really upset. But, did you guys not notice the numerous little Creddie moments throughout the episode. I (a Seddier) personally thought the 'horses' scene was very cute, it was adorable when Carly tickled Freddie. They worked together to help a friend, and that was really nice. Plus, we don't know what Carly's reaction is yet. So, don't worry yet.

Cibby: Carly and Gibby, working together on the project? Carly (possibly) in the future baking Gibby a pie (xD)? They worked nicely together without Sam and Freddie's constant bickering and I thought that they could possibly make a nice pair.

Sibby: They both like pies. O______________________o

Bam: Brad's a nice guy. Sam likes his fudge. Compared to horses in a barn. They both agree that one-headed frogs aren't as interesting as two-headed frogs. 'Nuff said.

Spam: Sorry, to Spam shippers. Sam and Spencer.... didn't really interact. Poor Spencer, trapped, electrocuted, tortured with Dingo music.

Seddie: I don't really need to explain this one. *goes and watches kiss for the umpteenth time*

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