Does anyone remember the little scene between Carly and Freddie that was leaked from Season 4?

I known this is what most people think is the speculation for the episode iOMG:

Carly asks Sam who she likes. Sam tells Carly she likes some good-looking, tech-loving nerd, and Carly assumes its Brad, their new intern. But when she locks them in a room together, she discovers that its not Brad. She gets Freddie to talk to her, they talk about love, they kiss, then Seddie happens.

I realize that Freddie might not even be referring to Sam. Like Dan said, he could be talking about Carly, or even Gibby. But if they were to include that little scene with Carly and Freddie, where would that play in? Maybe Freddie admits he is in love with Sam, and that's how Carly forces them into the same room together. Or, maybe he is in love with Carly, and he just goes to talk about feelings with Sam. Or maybe, the entire guess is wrong and the promo is a little misleading plot-wise. I don't know, I just wanted to point out that little part.

Just a little Seddie video an awesome editor made (one of my favorite Seddie videos- and no, it's not mine):

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